These images were all made using random processes - but is it art?....


I first constructed an isometric grid from scratch, by hand using a pair of compasses and a straight edge.

I then took a dice numbered from 1 to 6 with each number corresponding to one of 6 colours.

I then worked from left to right across each line, working from top left to bottom right, deciding the colour that each triangle would take by the rolling of the dice.


Circles in squares

I first drew 6 squares and within each square drew concentric circles, each of which was then divided into 4 . Working methodically from top left to bottom right, I spun a 5-sided spinner to determine the colour of each section.



I started with a grid whose x and y axis were numbered from 1 to 6 (not zero to 6!). I rolled two dice, twice, to give me a start and a finish coordinate for my line. I then rolled a single dice to determine the colour of the line. I drew the line as decided by the roll of the dice and repeated the procedure until I felt it was time to stop. The drawing was then scanned and the image was enhanced using Adobe Photoshop. It could of course be argued that such manipulation means that the process is no longer random...


Original scan, showing squared grid.


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