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Using a project to teach maths can be more meaningful for pupils than teaching the curriculum areas of shape and space, number and algebra in distinct units of work. It can allow them to explore their own ideas at a pace which suits them whilst making meaningful connections between different areas of maths.

Use the bar on the left to navigate around a selection of projects, where you can find links directly to helpful resources which are designed to enable the teaching of mathematics in this way.

I have deliberately not attached suggestions of year group or even Key Stage to any of these activities as I feel most activities can work on many different levels depending on the questions asked by the teacher of their pupils.

This website is a working document, and new project ideas and resources will be added as and when they arise / I come across them. Please contact me... with any suggestions for additions to the site. Also, please encourage pupils to submit artwork to the gallery so that it can be viewed on the web by a large audience.

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