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All the equipment you need is a straightedge, a pair of compasses and a sharp pencil....

Here's how to get started:

Can you find the size of all the angles in the diagram above?

Can you find the areas of the shapes you have created?

What fraction of the above shape is shaded?


What other patterns can you create just using the straight edge and compasses?

Can you recreate these patterns accurately?


Click here for a whole sheet of circle designs to recreate

Geometric Patterns based on a 6-point circle, 8 point circle...

How can you create an 8 point circle accurately using only a pair of compasses?


The vertices in this diagram are 8 equally spaced points around a circle. Each of the three shapes above looks like a rhombus...Can you prove that they are? (What are the properties of a rhombus...?)

If the area of the middle shape is one unit, what is the area of the smaller shape?


How many different shapes can you create using interlocking circles:

Look around for examples in architecture where circles have been used. Can you accurately create these designs using just a pencil and compassses?





How could you reproduce the design of these suncatchers?





































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